Colour palette: Gray

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Gray is a pretty interesting colour. On the one hand it never gets boring, on the other it’s incredibly „warm“ in its nuances. It can be used everywhere: living room, bathroom, kitchen… I like gray especially with strong colour combinations like orange or lime green. With these cobination even gray becomes a vibrant colour.

Gray hues, that are mixed with other colours, become warm and elegant. Look at these hues with light brown tonality, they have a warm spectrum and look completely different from general grey colours.

I especially love the combination of gray with neon colours. The brilliance of these neon accents becomes even more vibrant through the gentle gray hues and become even stronger and excerted.

Even pastel tones appear more vibrant in a gray colour combination.

A popular trend is copper and bronze. These colour tones are perfect for a combination with gray. Their subtle glow gets amplified by the gray hues and your whole living space appears really first-class.

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