Inspiration: BILLY bookcase makeover

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I’ve got a few old BILLY bookcases that don’t look that great after all these years. The white surface is not white anymore and at some places it looks scratched and chipped. So I went on a Pinterest spree to find inspiration on how to refurbish the old bookcases. Look what I found:

Option 1: Color the back

I like this option because the elements inside the bookcase get more visible due to the colored back. It is also a pretty quick option, because the backs can be removed, painted and applied again easily.

Option 2: Apply wallpaper

This is also quite nice, although much more work. The wallpaper should also match the room furnishings and it might not be the cheapest option. One alternative could be to apply adhesive foil with some nice pattern. It’s cheaper than wallpaper and also easy to apply.

Option 3: Paint and attach moulding

I have to say, I like this option the most. You can create a gorgeous vintage library bookcase with a few simple BILLYs. It’s also possible to attach the bookcases to a simple floor cupboard to give it more height or just attach a skirting. This really is a classy variation.

Option 4: Outside color, inside white – plus a few wood borders

I like this version, too. The small wood borders hide the holes and the dark color on the outside looks pretty classy. The white inside gives the whole bookcase more light, this way the room will not be too dark.

I am not yet sure, which option I will choose. I will let you know ;)

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